How Do Injectable Fillers Work in Extremely Thin Lips?

Injectable fillers are one of the most commonly used cosmetic treatments in offices. With only a few minutes of treatment time, they deliver a gratifying sensation that will continue for months. The lips are one of the most frequent injection sites on the face. Injectable fillers provide a fast solution for achieving bigger, more sensual lips, which is in line with today’s fashion trends of larger lips.

Lip enhancement with fillers is most typically used to raise the size of the upper lip to match the size of the lower lip. To properly raise the size of an upper lip, enough vermilion (or pink component) must be present so that it can be expanded or pushed out vertically as well as horizontally. Injectable fillers with insufficient vermilion may only push the lip out horizontally, giving it an artificial or ‘duckbill’ appearance.

When it comes to lip enlargement, there is an old plastic surgery aphorism that goes like this…

‘Thin lips can’t be made bigger, while huge lips can’t be made smaller.’ This sentence is directed towards the patient with an extremely thin upper lip. Injectable fillers can make thin lips appear fuller, but they cannot be made genuinely full and delicious. Due to a lack of sufficient vermilion, attempting to do so will result in them appearing bloated and unnatural.

When I see a patient with a very thin lip at my Indianapolis plastic surgery office, I tell them what they can expect. It’s unclear whether their expectations will be satisfied, but injectable fillers are a good place to start. It’s a safe first therapy because of its simplicity and reversibility (it fades away). While a vermilion advancement technique is the most efficient and permanent way of lip expansion, most patients find the commitment to an irreversible lip scar to be a tough first step.

The use of hyaluronic-acid based fillers (e.g., Restylane, Juvaderm) for lip fillers Santa Barbara is preferred. Hyaluron gels are simple to administer, flow smoothly via a small 30 gauge needle, and have little side effects. Furthermore, they provide a gentle expansion with few abnormalities. Patients can select a material that meets their budget by choosing from concentrations that last from 3 months to up to a year and a variety of price ranges. I prefer to utilize one of the shorter-lasting hyaluronic fillers for patients with very thin lips. At a modest cost, it is possible to swiftly determine whether injections make a significant difference. If this is the case, a longer-lasting one can be used the next time. If not, and a surgical technique is determined to be more successful, the expense of finding out was relatively low.

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